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  • Definition of target groups – recipients items
  • Analysis of your current assortments
  • Research and survey of test subjects
  • Ideas and suggestions for new range
  • Virtual drafts of all items
  • Definition of viable purchase quantities Production


  • The best types of finishes for your item
  • Management of your print data – conformity with CI
  • Monitoring of production processes
  • Import processing, if applicable
  • Quality assurance for incoming goods
  • Entry in system, including photography and texts


  • Perfect storage for your promotional items
  • Real-time stock takes – accessible at any time
  • On time deliveries worldwide
  • Shipping status can be viewed at any time - Track & Trace
  • Stock alerts and ordering suggestions
  • Modern online shop solution for your order processing


  • All key figures in real-time (dashboard)
  • Regular status reports
  • Best sellers, customer hit lists, sales figures and much more
  • Analysis of user behaviour in online shop
  • Continuous improvement of range
  • Recommendations based on the determined values

Satisfied customers

The full promotional item service means less work for us – we benefit from the structures and professionalism of a real promotional item specialist. This is clearly having a positive effect on our internal processes and costs.

Stefanie Seibert, Buyer
Full-Serivce Client

„SOURCE takes care of the smooth running processes; we focus on the sensible use of promotional items and are pleased to have satisfied customers.

Ronald Springer, Marketing-Manager
Full-Serivce Client

Promotional items Full-Service

How effectively do you or does your company purchase promotional materials? In many cases the time spent on this is more than initially calculated and costs often get out of hand too. In particular at companies, where they frequently need promotional items, the question arises: what can we do to organise the purchasing process for promotional items more efficiently? The solution: dovetailing the process chain perfectly by outsourcing. There are numerous work steps between the first considerations about advertising material to using them with the target group, which all-in-all decide how cheaply you purchase advertising material on balance.

This gave us an idea: if just one single source made sure that all the individual steps are intelligently aligned then the total expenditure would decrease.

The result: attractive time and cost savings for your company.

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