Your benefits

The advantages of the full promotional items service

Our full promotional items service combines all the required steps in promotional item management and ensures professional, efficient processing from one source. This provides you with numerous advantages that your company can demonstrably and noticeably benefit from.

Cost savings

We have access to various suppliers worldwide, who supply us at extremely favourable conditions as a result of our large order quantities and collaboration over many years. Thanks to the bulk purchasing of your promotional items you also benefit from attractive prices and save on costs. Added to this are savings on shipping, handling and personnel.

Reduced workload and time savings

Individual requests from your promotional items range are processed directly by our company or through a customised e-commerce solution, on request. At the same time we also take care of reordering stock, monitoring product quality and daily shipping on time. This means a significantly reduced workload and less time expenditure for you.

CI conformity and professional public image

We always ensure that the items comply with your corporate design and therefore guarantee that your company is presented professionally and effectively in terms of marketing. This includes finishing your promotional items and designing the online shop and all correspondence to conform with your CI.

Optimized stock

We take responsibility for updating your stock. This guarantees that there are no obsolete slow sellers and bad planning. If an item has to be sold off as quickly as possible, we develop a suitable sales promotion together with you. If the stock gets too low, you are immediately informed so that reorders can be placed as soon as possible.


We create meaningful statistics and analysis, for example on sales trends or stocks, using our highly developed EDP system, which we provide you with free of charge. This means you always have an up-to-date summary of your promotional items and provides you with the basis for targeted planning.

Gaining space

Outsourcing promotional items often frees up considerable space with the option of using this for something else or reducing the space costs overall.